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New Course “Inorganic waste as a resource”

By 11/02/2023Dicembre 18th, 2023No Comments

“The project ‘Bbetween Sustainability’ aims to address sustainability themes, adapting them to the various disciplines within our university.

A society more attentive to the planet we live on requires an awareness that sustainability issues concern all aspects of our lives, our daily routines. Therefore, the foundational idea of the project is to encourage students to acquire knowledge in areas different from their degree programs, providing them with an overview of current and relevant topics for any profession.

The course offered by ANTICARB can be viewed here and will be conducted by Nadia Malaspina, Giancarlo Capitani, Marcello Campione, and Susanna Dorigoni.

The module lasts for 12 hours and will cover “Inorganic waste as a resource: recycling, new raw materials, and carbon dioxide storage reservoirs.”

What it is? 
The module aims to address the Circular Economy by utilizing inorganic waste as a raw material to produce new materials through the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon. A multidisciplinary series of 6 sessions will be proposed, exploring how basic research in geological and physical fields can have practical applications for civil society.
Learning Objectives and Skills The module aims to impart cross-cutting sustainability-related skills, including the ability to apply environmental skills and competencies in a cross-disciplinary manner, take measures to reduce pollution, and promote sustainability. Additionally, it is designed to provide specific knowledge, skills, and competencies related to geomaterials used in everyday life, their exploitation, and recycling.

It will be accessible to students and employees of the University of Milano-Bicocca, allowing, upon successful assessment, the acquisition of a certification (Open Badge). In addition, for undergraduate and single-cycle degree students, it will be possible not only to obtain individual Open Badges but, if they choose, to also include an exam in their study plans using the micro-credentialing approach, as defined in the attachment.

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